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school shows.

An introduction to wonderful world of theater often comes through a school show. Sometimes it is an educational field trip to a local theater and sometimes it's a theater bringing a show into a school. Shine! does both. Exceptionally well.

All tickets are $10 each. We offer one complimentary seat for every 10 in your total ticket order. If your school books three or more different shows at the same time (on one Request Form), we will offer a rate of $7 per ticket.

Please visit our Teacher Portal for comprehensive curriculum.

Sounds of the Underground Railroad
Seasons of Light
The Adventures of
Tom Sawyer
Testing, Testing...1, 2, 3!
Shine! in Schools

This amazing programming brings the wonderful world of theater to your campus. Please call our office (559.549.4741) to discuss scheduling one of these awesome titles at your school.

Interested in auditioning for one of our amazing shows?

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