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after-school partnering

This intro to arts is about more than just performing. It is designed to address each school's specific academic and humanities needs. As with all of our classes, the After-School Partnering creates a nurturing environment for your Student Artists, thereby allowing them to feel comfortable to take risks, embrace challenges and discover themselves.


SHINE! uses the California Visual and Performing Arts Standards (VAPA) as a reference, which directly aligns our training with our local education systems. The result? Dynamic programming that integrates the arts into curricula. We are focused on the process, not the product. Our goal is to provide an introduction to the theatre arts (acting, singing, dancing, stagecraft) with the hope that the students begin to develop their creative selves. Natural by-products of our arts programming: improved reading comprehension, stronger critical thinking skills, enriched language skills and a deeper understanding of teamwork and accountability.


The Shine! After-School Partnering is...

  • an education based program. 

  • a great way to introduce the arts at an early age.

  • curriculum created by educated, trained, working professional Teaching Artists. 

  • designed to place its focus on the process, not the product. Being process oriented means we can give our students license to create rather than simply “learning by repetition.”

  • flexible and adaptable to any school's needs. We can create curriculum ranging from 6 weeks up to an academic school year, culminating with a full performance or showcase. Single or multi-day week structures are possible.

  • conservatory based training, allowing us to do single subject or combined disciplines including technical theatre arts (set design, lighting, sound, costume and make-up)


We have proudly partnered with these intitutions:

  • The Willows Community School, Los Angeles 

  • Wildwood School, Los Angeles

  • Malaga Elementary, Malaga

  • Liddell Elementary, Fresno

  • Cooper Intermediate, Fresno

  • Valley Arts and Science Academy, Fresno


Please contact us  or call (559.549.4741) to set up a consultation to discuss your school's specific needs and program creation. 


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